Egmont Mika

Your Great Work

Great work doesn’t come out of nowhere.

And it’s not only a privilege for the talented.

Usually great work results from someone working hard and trying over and over again, failing included - many times.

Moreover, it’s risky.

It’s risky before you get started, and it’s risky all the way through until it’s finished. It can cost you everything; your time, your sleep, your comfort, your money, your reputation - and your pride.

Great work makes you humble.

Great work isn’t always recognized as such from the beginning. And you often don’t see its greatness during the process.

For those who don’t have the faith, it really doesn’t look that great. They just can’t imagine that you are building a cathedral. What they see is the sand you are shoveling; and they notice the dirt, the sweat and the pain it causes.

Raising children is very much like that.

Changing diapers just doesn’t feel that glorious. And coping with a teenager’s mood doesn’t always look like a great success. Nevertheless, it’s great work! No matter what you feel during the process and no matter how many times you fail.

It’s great, as long as you carry on faithfully, day by day, year in year out. The time will come when you and even others will see the result of your labour. One day your cathedral will be completed.

Yet, raising children is far greater than building a cathedral.