Egmont Mika

Ranking Jesus' Words

Jesus said: “Go and make disciples!” As a disciple of Jesus, how do those words rank on your list?

When you think of your work, your spare time, your daily routines, and weekly obligations, including your spiritual engagements and church activities, where on that list would you place your response to Jesus’ words about making disciples?

Maybe you have already made some disciples, or just one, or maybe none. Or maybe you are just about to make one, or planning to. Or have tried and given up, or never tried, but would like to.

Sometimes our routines, habits and obligations crowd out the most important things in life. And most often our church culture with all its programs, activities and obligations keeps us from caring enough for another person and from taking the time, the effort and the sacrifice that it takes to make a disciple.

Yet, whom shall we blame?

No matter how glorious or how lousy you and I may feel about it, this is a new year and today is a new day and along with it comes the freedom for a new decision and a new start. It’s up to you and me how we respond to Jesus.

Disciple making isn’t easy for anyone.

Yet, it’s possible for those who rank it high on their list.