Egmont Mika

A Heart Decision

You can’t argue a person into Heaven.

In spiritual matters arguing is futile. Even worse, it’s counterproductive. Each argument will provoke at least one counter-argument, supplying your opponent with still another brick for his defense wall.

Arguing presumes that we can use force of will to change minds - and souls. Yet, force begets counterforce. And what would be the benefit of winning an argument, anyway? Probably you’d produce another wisenheimer, (one just like you and me, in this case).

There is a better way.

The path forward, it seems, is to connect, to engage and to serve. To teach patiently and earn credibility by living what you teach. To build trust. Then, inviting the other person to join you in your journey.

However, this seldom happens overnight. It takes time and commitment and humility. And honest concern for the other person.

Becoming a disciple of Jesus starts with a free and trusting decision from within.

A heart decision.