Egmont Mika

Coming Just a Little Earlier

Some are late comers by habit.

To them, it seems all right to always show up “just a little late”. Nobody will take notice anyway, it seems. And others will be late as well, they think.

To them, coming late is all right, as long as they don’t miss the highlights and as long as they get what they are expecting. And fulfill their social duty to show up.

Why invest more time than necessary?

In contrast, others may always want to come a little earlier. Be there before the program starts. Offering a little extra time. Just for being mentally prepared. Or for encouraging the host. Or for making themselves available. Like being able to lend a helping hand for the last preparations.

Or for chatting with another early comer. Encourage someone who came with a need, with the desire to meet someone who would listen.

Coming a little earlier gives you time to connect. Time to build a relationship. Time to care.

It’s precious time!

You may not want to miss it.