Egmont Mika

What's Your Jesus Story?

Don’t miss sharing your very best story!

As a disciple of Jesus, you have your special story. It’s your story about that personal encounter with Jesus which caused you to respond to his call and surrender to him. It’s the story about how you “got saved”. It’s your Jesus story.

It isn’t necessarily something that is perceived by your natural senses. Nevertheless, it is very real and tangible and very powerful, something that has happened at a certain point of your life between you and Jesus, and between you and the Father.

Before that point you may have had some knowledge about him, facts you had learned… But now you know him in a direct and personal way as your Saviour. Now you know that Jesus is real. It’s moved from just being mental assent to a heart realisation.

This knowledge combined with your personal story is your testimony. Without that testimony, you don’t really know Jesus. And without knowing him, it’s impossible to follow him. Without a testimony, you may call yourself a Christian, but you might just be participating in a good religion.

So what’s your story? Is it still alive? Is it still your treasure, or would it be time to dig it out again? After all, it’s one of the most powerful messages you have as a disciple.

You’d be a fool if you wouldn’t share it!

(In case you are not at that point yet, there is a Jesus story waiting for you.)