Egmont Mika

The Art of Enjoying the Uncomfortable

Progress and comfort don’t match.

While not everything that is uncomfortable automatically will give you progress, there will always be a certain amount of inconvenience going along with it.

Performance spikes when we’re doing something out of our norm.

This is not only true for sports but probably for all areas of life, for instance, our spiritual life.

Throughout Scripture, we find that following God’s call and striving for a comfortable life seem to contradict each other. Typically, responding to his call is associated with the requirement of stepping out and leaving. Leaving your family and friends, your familiar environment, and your securities. Changing some of your dear preferences and habits.

Jesus never promised his disciples a comfortable life, yet, he expected them to be ”fruitful”. For those who wanted to follow him, he pointed out what they could expect: inconveniences, uncertainty, mockery, hatred, and persecution.

Is this too much to expect?

It probably is, but not for those who have made up their minds. They are looking forward to their goal and consider it worthwhile the trouble. They know that hardship makes them achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.

They have learned to take advantage of the uncomfortable.

And they enjoy it.