Egmont Mika

Dare Letting Go!

Do you want to move forward? Make a positive change in your life?

But feel stuck?

Are you stuck in your past? Or your debts, your reputation, your failures, your self-esteem, your weight? Your salary, your negative experiences…? Is your spiritual life going in circles with mere religious routines and habits?

It’s easy to get stuck. And it’s easy to give up and stay where you are.

People spend huge amounts of time and money seeking to innovate and upgrade themselves, working to give up something, start or build something new, or change something about who they are and what they do.

And ultimately fail.

Reaching a place where they accept failure and stop dreaming.

You may call it wisdom or realism and try to turn it into a virtue, but it’s killing you. Killing your dreams, your ambitions, your initiatives, your self-esteem, your joy…

There is a better way. Change is possible for everyone.

Probably, change doesn’t come by just doing more of what you are already doing now. Working even harder, faster, longer, and sleeping less isn’t the answer. It simply ruins your health and your family.

Neither is it a matter of style or fashion or image cultivation, or of following the trend and trying to be cool. Real, lasting and satisfying change just isn’t accomplished by polishing the surface, but rather by a change on the inside.

To begin with, you’ll have to stop racing, stop pushing and stop forcing yourself.

And the same is true with the negative counterpart: Stop complaining, stop mourning, stop grieving and stop pitying yourself. Stop resigning. You’ll have to realize and acknowledge that whatever brought you to the point where you are now belongs to your past and that you are not obliged to go on with it for still another decade.

And no matter how successful your walk has been in the past, maybe you’ll have to admit that it finally turned out to be a dead end road for you. It may have been good for a long time, but now it’s not working out anymore. Not good enough. Not for the next five or ten or twenty years of your life.

The second step would be to let go.

Don’t try to save as much of the old as possible. Admitted, there are a lot of good things worth sparing. But, as the saying goes, the good is the enemy of the best. If you want to get anywhere, you can’t keep all the old stuff and let it occupy your space and your freedom, just because it might become useful again some day in the future. You can’t save it for eternity anyway.

There has to be some sort of inner capitulation, before you can step out into the new and unknown, the risky and the scary. And the rewarding and satisfying. Into your Father’s arms.

It often takes a crisis to make us willing.

And in fact, every crisis offers an opportunity for positive change. Yet, many never get all the way through to the other side where the new horizon becomes visible and the change possible.

They just don’t want to give up their security and their convenience. Or their illusion of who they are and what they have accomplished. Or their pride. Or fear.

Are you desperate enough to let go?