Egmont Mika

Broken Trust

Broken trust is painful.

People can be wonderful, but also give you a nightmare. Loving people includes the risk of getting hurt. The more you love, the more vulnerable you get, the more pain you may have to suffer.

Worst of all, the suffering of broken trust. Suffering a life-long injury.

Therefore, if you want to play safe, don’t get engaged with people. Don’t love, don’t care. Keep out of reach. Keep the mask. Play cool.

However, what kind of a life would that be!

We are not created as islands. We need each other. Need to care.

And to love.

That requires courage. So, let’s not get intimidated or scared by negative experiences. Instead, let’s engage with people. Make ourselves vulnerable. Take the risk, over and over again.

And be prepared to suffer.

It may make you feel like a looser, yet, would there be an option?

Could Jesus do it better?