Egmont Mika


It’s not a bad thing to be controversial.

And it’s absolutely no sin.

Anyone who stands up for what is right will meet opposition. The higher your position, the worse it can get. The stronger the rejection and the more disastrous the possible consequences.

The higher your purpose, the higher the cost.

With this in mind, it seems an easier way to adapt, to conform and be nice, trying to please as many as possible. Follow the public opinion, stay politically correct and socially accepted.

Sadly, this is where spiritual movements tend to end. After an initial period of radical commitment, many times ridiculed, despised and hated by its contemporaries, a movement slowly adapts and finally becomes well respected.

This has been the weakness of mainstream Christianity throughout the centuries. And it still is.

“When the salt loses its saltiness it’s not good for anything.”

Not so Jesus. Jesus was controversial. And he still is.

He never bowed under the pressure from his surroundings. Rather than calming down and taking it safe, he kept challenging his opponents to the uttermost.

He was able to stand up against the storm because he was willing to pay the price.

And he finally did.

As his followers, we need to be prepared for being controversial. Being controversial for a high goal can actually be a very good thing. Facing opposition helps you clarify your purpose, sharpen your focus and strengthen your will.

Shows what you go for.

For some of us, being controversial is more than something to suffer.

It’s a necessity.