Egmont Mika

Finding Simplicity

Simplicity isn’t the same as poverty. Poverty is a curse, simplicity is an accomplishment.

The accomplishment of the wise.

Simplicity is obtainable. Everyone can achieve it, but not everyone will.

When you turn around and start following Jesus, many things will turn simpler for you.

This doesn’t mean that you flee from the complexity of life. Rather, you face and embrace it, and then simplify by making active choices.

You structure your hours and plan your activities in order to follow your calling and accomplish an aim. You bring your will in line with that aim, and faithfully and diligently stick to your decisions.

This changes your life and simplifies it.

You’ll know what time to get up and what time to go to bed. You’ll know what to engage in and what to exclude. You’ll know what kind of food you feed yourself with, even mentally and spiritually, what you want to read, listen to and look at.

And you consciously keep away from distractions. You practice mental hygiene.

Most of all, you’ll change your attitude. You’ll take away your pride, insecurities and self-concerns, opening your view for the needs of others. That will save you from a lot of self-made problems. It simplifies it!

Up to your turning point, you allow distractions to fill your life. You don’t want to miss anything. Your days can be filled to the bursting point, but leave you heartbreakingly empty.

After that turning point, this will be fundamentally different.

Now, your life is filled with a purpose and you are on your way. You can afford to miss a thousand things without loosing anything.

And stay simple!