Egmont Mika

How Does Jesus Lead You?

So, you are a follower of Jesus?

He is your Lord and Master? And your Teacher? Then, what exactly does he teach you?

No, I am not asking you what you know about him, like when and where he lived, what he did and what he said. Neither am I asking about the doctrines or morals, or whatever your church teaches about him.

What I’m asking is, How does he impact you? I mean, personally. Where does he rub off in your life? How does he influence your thinking, your values and attitudes? And your actions?

In short: How does he lead you?

Do these questions irritate you? Or do they inspire you?

No matter, what your spontaneous reaction is, wouldn’t it be worth while to jot down some of your points?

Would you like to do it?

The challenge for you right now is to not just agree to my idea, but to actually grab a pen and a piece of paper and do it. Not just think, but write. Right now.

You may find it hard to get started, but don’t let that hinder you. The flow will come, just you get over the initial resistance. (Writing almost always meets resistance.) And I’m sure your list will turn out far longer than expected.

Then, choose two or three of your points and meditate a while on each one of them.

And let them give you clarity and strengthen you.


Geoffrey: You nailed it brother, thanks for touching the sensitive conditions of our faith in JESUS. This makes me stand still and find back the true meaning of my calling in him. Thanks again. Geoff