Egmont Mika

Give to the Lord...

Give to the Lord what he is asking you for!

No one is born as a disciple of Jesus, far less a disciple maker. Yet, this is what Jesus wants us to be, a disciple and a disciple maker.

Accordingly, somewhere along the road, there must be a turning point, or a new start. For every one of us.

We may argue that we are not gifted like evangelist so and so or pastor so and so…, but that’s not the point! They do it their way, and we are asked to do it our way. There is no one else on the planet who can do it just like you and me, and fill the place that only you and I can fill.

If we don’t show up, the Kingdom will lack some important and unique workers.

We may say that we are decent and regular church goers. We have attended hundreds or even thousands of worship services, dozens of bible studies and we are supporting one or several ministries.

That’s all quite impressive and good… however, being a disciple and making a disciple has little to do with all this. Why did Jesus in his great commission not even mention all these things that today form our Christian culture and keep us busy, week after week?

The question then to ask is: What are we doing? Are we disciple makers?

And by that I am not referring to the success we have achieved…. we must leave that part up to the Lord. All we need to worry about is: whether we are engaging in such a task or not?

I trust this summer vacation will give us time to reflect on this question.

Discipleship is not a selfish act. It’s a service to the world and to every human soul. We can’t cheat the Lord. But let us not cheat ourselves. And let us also not cheat humanity of our contribution. Instead, let us give each other and the world what we’ve got.

And to the Lord what he is asking us for!