Egmont Mika

Taking a New Decision

Sometimes it’s time for a change.

From time to time, following Jesus requires a new decision. Why can it be so hard to take that decision?

Would it mean that your former decisions, traditions and habits, your arguments, convictions and priorities become meaningless?

Would it mean that all was wrong?

Not necessarily. Probably, it all was right, based on the information you had at that time. But now you know more. Now you have a better understanding.

Now you feel the need for a change.

So, what will you do?

Will you let your tradition or habit or convenience be strong enough to override your desire for a new and better decision?

Or will you give in to peer pressure of sticking with your “tribe”, your relatives and friends or your group (“What will they say?")?

Sometimes, it takes humility and courage to make a new decision.

And trust in the voice of your heart.



Or be afraid that people won’t take you serious because you’re not sticking to what you built up and believed in and instead run off to something new and often more uncertain.


True. If you need much confirmation you better stay inside the box.


Yes, sometimes God invites you to leave everything. We lived in the big city for about 10 years and have been the leaders of a small home church. However, we felt the need to leave it all and move into a small village with just a few people around. Hard to understand such a decision! But we feel so so happy and God already gave us a new church family with really honest and worm people who accepted us so lovingly. Change is good if it is led by God. Sometimes we feel like God already prepared and arranged things in advance and we just go and find it all arranged and set out waiting for us. He is such a provider!


Hi Kristina! Thank you for your comment. This sounds so right and good. Peace and joy follow those who are being led by the Spirit, no matter what the circumstances. And whenever the situation does not look so great, the family of the Lord stands out even greater. Making one or a few disciples, one by one, who can do the same with other people is the best we can do. No church program can ever match up to that. It’s quality that counts in the Kingdom, not numbers.


Amen, thank you for your encouragement.