Egmont Mika

Who Is the Master of Your Mind?

Advertisements, email marketing, news, gossip, tv shows, facebook, iTube, magazines…

The world is cluttered and filled with millions of distractions, trying to catch your attention and fill your day.

  • Keeping you from doing your work.

  • Keeping you from getting your sleep.

  • Nebulizing your focus and your calling.

It’s not your fault that these things are around, and it’s not your responsibility to change that.

However, you are responsible for what is filling your brain. What do you tolerate? What do you allow to occupy you? Whatever it is, be sure it will influence you and have an effect on your priorities and decisions.

Spontaneously giving in to just anything that attracts your eyes and ears will make you easy prey. You will be one of the millions who take the bait. And be sure there will always be someone somewhere who will profit from your weakness, carelessness, or vanity.

There is a giant, nonstop, worldwide, omnipresent seduction going on, and you are its target. Lamenting and crying won’t help.

The question is, How do you handle it? What do you do to keep the trash out? And not only the disgusting things but the cool stuff, the illusions they offer you. How do you protect your mind? And your time and energy?

We need to create a mental space around us that enables us to stay focused and follow our destiny.

To live our lives.

It’s possible to win that struggle, but victory comes with a price. It will take insight, discipline, some radical decisions, consistency and a good portion of courage. Probably, you will find yourself swimming upstream, rather than downstream.

For many of us this seems a very high price, yet, it’s worthwhile the effort. The question is, How much is your mental home worth to you?

And who is the master in that home?