Egmont Mika

How Many Sermons Do You Need?

How many sermons do you need in order to become a disciple?

Probably one.

Or maybe a few. The rest is modelling.

Yet, modelling is not done from the pulpit, but in everyday life. By sharing experiences, communicating kingdom values, demonstrating these values and explaining the hows and whys. Learning to listen to the Spirit and then follow.

By taking action.

Admitted, preparation can take a life time. There will always be something more to learn, more to understand and more to prepare. Yet, when is a disciple ready to reach out and make another disciple?

How many sermons does it take a disciple to make another disciple?

Probably none. Again, disciple makers are not made from the pulpit, and not in classes. Speeches and curriculums won’t take you there.

You’ll just have to do it. Jump the leap.

If you have been a disciple of Jesus for a while, let’s say, for a few months or a year or maybe even two, then you can do it. And if you still feel you need help, then find someone who is engaged in this kind of work and ask that person, if you may join him or her for a while. Just in order to turn the corner.

Wouldn’t that be a good start?