Egmont Mika

Taking Advantage of a Crisis

You can hear an inspiring message. You can read a life-changing book. You can get overwhelmed by a new insight.

Yet, see nothing change.

For most of us, consuming such content just isn’t strong enough to break through the habits and mental strongholds that we have built up over time. Not strong enough to overcome our desire for comfort and to crack our fear. We rather hold on to a lousy status-quo that makes us feel safe than take a step into the unknown.

This is why a personal crisis can work as a door opener, but only if it is stronger than our desire for comfort and stronger than our fear.

In order to move forward, good insights are just not good enough. Probably we also need, from time to time, a period of destabilisation. That is, a real good crisis.

The secret of success is to accept the crisis and make it your friend. Take advantage of the insecurity that comes along with it, collect your strength and intentionally work for a break-through. This is the time to do it. Not waiting for the storm to calm down neither looking behind, but focussing on the future with decisiveness.

For moving into a better future, a crisis can be inestimably valuable. Don’t let it become a stumbling block.

Instead, make it a stepping stone.