Egmont Mika

Destructive Faith

Destruction doesn’t always have a negative connotation. Many times it is an absolutely necessary part of the creative process.

Farm lands are created by tearing down trees, better neighborhoods from slums, new life from destructive habits. They all go through destructive processes before something new could be created.

 Sometimes, new life does not appear unless and until the old has been torn down. It’s not always possible nor is it safe to be building on top of the old.

Sooner or later a conflict will arise between the old and the new and you will have to make a choice. Either adjust and compromise and stay where you are, or tear down and start all over again, on a better foundation.

The same is true for our spiritual life.

A spiritual revival was never started by people whose hearts were still fixed in the past. It rather emerged from something new, a new revelation or a new and fresh spiritual encounter. And as a consequence, there was an overthrowing of the structures and expressions of the old.

In this way, revival not only builds, but also destroys.

If its destructive power scares you, you will not be able to connect to what the Lord is doing today.

In fact, at times the Lord himself is one who ”uproots”, ”tears down”, ”destroys” and ”overthrows” in order to ”build” and to ”plant”. (Jer 1:10)

Probably most of the time, it is wise to adjust, to compromise and to develop slowly. It takes time and endurance to build a house, a family, a church, a business…

However, there are situations when you’ll have to jump the canyon. You can’t do it in small steps.

In case you are in that kind of a situation, the Lord may give you wisdom and courage.

And faith to act.