Egmont Mika

Stuff or People?

Imagine someone handed you 10.000 USD to spend on whatever you want. The only condition would be that you had to spend it right away, on the same day.

What would you do with the money?

Maybe your mind would go to that fancy computer you had been eying at for a long time. Or that cool hifi-system, or the latest version of your favorite cellphone, or a diving gear for you next dream vacation, or this trendy leather jacket?

Or… ?

Or would you rather spend the money on some event together with other people? Like financing an exotic trip or a beach vacation or a skiing adventure with your spouse or together with all of your family or some friends? Or buying toys for your kids or your grandchildren?

Or could you think of just giving the money away? Like to someone you know who right now is in big trouble and needs financial help? For instance, to a young mother in your neighborhood and her children? Or to a missionary you know? Or to some charity…?


No matter what you do, your choice reveals your priorities. For yourself and for others. The ultimate question is:

What is really important to you? And, is it basically stuff or people?

Is it luxury, image, prestige and short time pleasure you are interested in, or is it quality relationships and spiritual values? Will that money basically nurture your ego, or will it help you build community and bless others?

And finally, would its benefit be consumed and burned up within a short time or would it last a little longer? Would it have any significance after ten, twenty or thirty years from now?

In a long time perspective, stuff almost never matters, yet, people do.

People always matter.

Stuff decays, relationships stay. And you can make them grow by investing in them. By giving your time and energy. And your money.

Again, what would you do with the money?