Egmont Mika

God's Family - an Institution?

God wants a family. Yet, man builds him an institution.

Are you a father or a mother? Then imagine what it would feel like, if your children, as they grow up, turned your family into an institution.

What would that be like?

  • Formal membership instead of family relations
  • Organized meetings and programs at special times of the week instead of common family life
  • Rented facilities instead of homes
  • Formal, elected leadership instead of parenthood
  • Board meetings instead of family counsel
  • Democratic voting instead of common agreement
  • Symbolic, formalistic eating and drinking instead of real meals
  • Tithings, and offerings whenever you come together… (The list goes on.)

Honestly, as a father or a mother, would you build your family like that? And as a child or a grandchild, would you like to carry on with that kind of a heritage? Is this what you want to hand on to your own children and grandchildren?

I doubt it.

How does the Lord feel about it? Is this how we best express our testimony about him who is our Father and who loves us and cares for us? Is this a true and convincing expression of his kingdom?

Again, I doubt it.

So why are we doing this? Why are we doing this to our Father in heaven, and to each other, and to the ones we disciple, to our spiritual children?

For how long do we want to carry on? For how long do you? – For sure, there is a better way.

Be a family!

It’s not difficult, and it’s not far away. You can start out with two or three others and right where you are. Any follower of Jesus can take the initiative, or join someone else and contribute. No matter, if inside or outside the institution. You don’t need a building or a program or a vision or a name or a constitution or a logo or a budget or a ministry or an office… And you don’t need permission.

It just takes a decision and initiation. Would that be a too hard or adventurous thing to do? What could possibly hinder you?

The choice is yours and mine. And also the responsibility.