Egmont Mika

The Power of Long-Term Commitment

Have you ever had a great idea? And tried to make it work?

Tried to change something to the better? To accomplish something important and really worth the effort? Something that would improve your life and the world around you significantly?

Have you tried - and failed?

It’s easy to blame the opposition or people’s ignorance or the circumstances. Or the bureaucracy or the system…

It’s easy to blame and give up.

However, who promised you it would be easy?

If it was easy, you or others would have done it already. The fact that no one did it probably indicates that no one else saw the value of it or thought it was possible or was ready to pay the price. Or could do it for you.

This means that it’s your turn!

However, if you want to make it work you will have to be prepared to pay the price. Have faith against the odds and against what people say. Overcoming your fear. Battling the resistance from within and without. Being prepared to fail many times and learn from it.

Then, try again and endure.

It’s consistent and persistent effort that leads to success. Great results aren’t accomplished by one try.

But a long-term commitment.