Egmont Mika

Your Ways and His Ways

When you pray, who does most of the talking?

You or the Lord?

Your answer will depend on where your focus is. Whether it is on yourself and your problems and desires, or on Him and His concerns.

On your ways or on His.

Depending on your focus you mostly either talk or listen.

God is looking for people who are eager to listen.

He wants you to hear what He has to say and what He wants to do. He wants you to learn from Him and connect with His plans and His purposes.

And become part of His ways.

People who listen have switched their focus from ”I” and ”me” to ”You” and ”Your”.

This changes your prayer radically.

Now you see your own life and everyone around you in a new light. In His light. You look at them from His point of view, and you see what He is about to do and your part in it.

As a result, your long prayer talks will get shorter and shorter and will finally be reduced to a minimum, while the time you spend listening to Him will extend all the more.

When listening, God’s ways become yours.

And your ways become His.