Egmont Mika

Being a "Little Jesus"

The task of discipleship is to represent Jesus. This means to embody man’s redemption through Him, and to express this new reality in all aspects of life.

It’s an individual task of every disciple as well as a corporate one, and it’s a goal as well as an ongoing, daily process. It’s the formation of the disciple into what C. S. Lewis called a “Little Jesus”.

To hand this on to every human soul is the essence of the Great Commission.

Hence, all our efforts as individual disciples and as a community need to match up to that task. If Jesus-likeness is not the outcome, then our spiritual giftings and ministries, our worship services, Bible studies, campaigns and mission trips are all in vain.

I would say, it’s not at all an easy walk. Jesus didn’t promise a comfortable journey. Man’s sinful nature is a strong force that constantly works against us from within, and self-denial has never been a popular option for anyone.

There is a cross to carry for you as a “Little Jesus”. However, the beautiful side of the coin is that his indwelling Spirit has empowered you to overcome those obstacles.

There is victory for you through the power of his resurrection. And with it comes true freedom, fulfillment and joy.

Everlasting joy!