Egmont Mika

Honest and Joyful

Meeting people is exciting.

It’s always exciting to listen to someone’s story. Everyone has a story worth listening to and learning from, as long as they are honest and their story is true. And it’s exciting and worth both time and effort to get engaged with people who are honest about themselves and about what they do. Free from pretending.

You can learn from those conversations, widen your knowledge and understanding, getting inspired. And in turn, you can encourage someone and share some of your best insights.

There is a potential to learn and to grow for both of us when we listen to each other and talk about something that is important to us, free from fear and control and manipulation and again, free from pretending.

We need that kind of conversations.

We need them in order to grow. And it’s a great joy to help each other along the way. That’s beautiful!

On the other hand, is there anything more boring than listening to gossip or constant lamenting or judging comments on others? Badly enough, you can have conversations that drain your energy and make you feel empty.

What are your conversations like? It’s very much your own choice - and responsibility.

Let them be honest and joyful.