Egmont Mika

The Impact of Your Influence

You can change things to the better.

The trust you give, the joy you share, the love you invest, the help you give, the standard you set, the problem you solve, the wisdom you share… have the potential to change things to the better, to become a blessing to you and others.

Moving people foreward.

Causing someone to pick up what you did and act in a similar way, and again, change things to the better, for even more people. And in turn, cause some of them to do the same and again, change things… again and again. To the better.

Like ripples on the water.

Someone may go further than you, causing greater change. Causing more and stronger ripples, reaching out even further. Still improving what you and others did.

Some of those decisions and actions may have the capacity to create a movement and, as time passes by, involve hundreds or even thousands.

Enduring generations.

Probably, most of your influence never gets recognized in public, though. Nevertheless, it can be powerful, although you hardly ever get to know the real impact of what you did, much less can you manage its final outcome.

The secret is to let go, to not expect anything back. Resisting the temptation to take control. Let others receive freely, enjoy the benefit, then pass it on freely and again, let it go.

One day, it will go on without you, yet still because of your initiative - thanks to you.

Still increasing your impact.

To the benefit of many.

And to His glory!