Egmont Mika

Three Steps to Overcome Worrying

Worrying is NOT a virtue.

On the contrary, it’s absolutely destructive. It’s a poison.

Worrying obscures your faith, weakens your strength, takes away your initiative, and quenches your creativity.

It steals your joy.

Worrying breaks you down spiritually, mentally, and physically. And it keeps you from doing your work.

It keeps you from living your life.

It’s easy to make people and circumstances responsible for your worries. Yet, they are not the producers. Worrying starts with a fearful thought in our own mind, with fearing things to get worse or something dreadful to happen. However, these things have not happened yet, and chances are, they will never happen.

Worrying is a product of our mind.

Outside of us, this fearful thought does not even exist, yet, to us it’s real. And by entertaining it, we let it slowly break down our spiritual and mental health, with possible symptoms even in our physical body.

How can we get rid of it? Here are three steps:

  • Take an intentional decision NOT to worry. Just refuse to submit to that thought.
  • Then, do whatever is possible for you to avoid whatever it is you fear.
  • Finally, focus on a better and higher goal and trust God that there will be a solution, in case things get worse.

Jesus said, Do not worry! Seek first God’s kingdom! He sternly commanded his disciples not to fear and not to worry. Instead, he prompted them to prioritize God’s kingdom.

Worrying is worthless. It doesn’t change anything for the better.

However, to take action and to trust God is wise.

This is practicing your faith.