Egmont Mika

What Really Matters - Part 1

Most probably, it’s not the public opinion.

And not what everybody is talking about right now at the coffee table.

Like today’s hottest news or sensation or scandal, created by the media. Or this season’s trendiest fashion or coolest design or latest ”must have”, launched by the market. And it’s certainly not the score of last night’s soccer game.

What really matters is probably not whatever tries to steal your attention right now.

Rather, it is what you by focusing on your life’s purpose nourish in your heart and, following your values, diligently, patiently, drip by drip, carve out as your daily walk and your path of life. By translating your purpose into daily action, here and now.

Doing what is necessary.

Overcoming complacency and convenience and the fear of rejection. Conquering the resistance from within you and the opinions around you.

Confidently, faithfully and joyfully pursuing what you can see as your destiny.

Because you know, it’s right.