Egmont Mika

Overcoming Fear

The enemy of faith is fear.

Fearing sickness, death and final judgement, fearing failure… Fearing what others might think of me, fearing their rejection. Or their complacency. Or fearing my boss, my bills, the weather or just anything that might happen in the future.

Before we meet God’s grace, the undercurrent of our life is fear. Fear makes us worry. It makes us live in a state of denial. Denying who we really are. Denying our calling. Denying that small voice in our heart.

Denying the presence of the Lord.

Fear makes us run away into some sort of addiction or distraction. Or into a shadow career, trying to become someone or achieve something that will give us acknowledgment and security and finally somehow wipe out the fear.

When I experienced God’s grace and started following Jesus, this situation changed. Fear didn’t just disappear, though, but I stopped fleeing.

I stopped denying.

I turned around and started facing it. Using my newfound weapon, the knowledge of being accepted, forgiven, and loved.

Trusting God.

Overcoming fear.