Egmont Mika

How to Start a Church

It’s easy to imagine that the only way to start a church is by:

  • Renting an auditorium,
  • Engaging a speaker and a worship team,
  • Gathering a crowd.

Yet, there is another way.

You don’t need all of this, not even money. Instead of starting an organisation with a program, you could ignite a process of disciple making. And you can do this right where you are, wherever you live, work, study or spend your spare time. You start out by making just one disciple of Jesus. And then another one, and another. One or two at a time, sometimes even a couple or a family.

And by demonstrating and being an example, you teach these people to do the same with their relatives and friends.

Your home base is your kitchen table. This is where you gather, share your meals, pray, teach, mentor and empower those who want to join you. This is where everything starts.

Your area of operation is your social network, your family, relatives, friends and colleagues. Then the city, its streets and squares, the parks, shopping centers, restaurants and cafés, the gyms and clubs… any place where you can meet people.

Sooner or later, there will be a fellowship of Jesus-followers.

This is church.

It may seem a lot easier, faster and more rewarding way to rent an auditorium, engage a speaker and a worship team and make enough noise to attract a crowd, then call it a “church”.

The question is, what Jesus would call it.

And - how would he do it?