Egmont Mika

The Radical Edge

Growing spiritual movements often have a radical edge.

Their followers are filled with a vision and strongly committed to their mission. They gladly step out of their comfort zone, take great risks, are willing to sacrifice, and work day and night, paying the price in order to fulfill that mission.

The first followers of Jesus became such a movement. And today they still are, that is, wherever they genuinely follow Jesus.

Unfortunately, large chunks of this movement became and still become watered-down over time, loosing their radicality and their edge. Thinking they have been too radical, too zealous, too different from the world around them, they may feel the need to become more “normal”, regarded ”decent”, more like everybody else. Trying to fit in, playing it safe.

Getting established.

This results in the loss of passion and mission. And the loss of life.

Now, all that remains is a skeleton — an institutional framework with its positions, procedures, rituals and traditions, yet, without the faith and the spiritual power that once made them grow and change their world. The machinery still runs idle for a while and may survive several generations. However, its life is constantly declining and finally coming to an end.

Followers of Jesus have no obligation to follow such a development, even less to contribute to it.

Today, Jesus is more present and active in this world than ever before since the early days, and by his Spirit he constantly moves on, pouring out his life into ever more people, creating ever more ways to fulfill his mission - to seek and save the lost.

With a radical edge, through his followers.

Through people like you and me.