Egmont Mika

The Power of a Story

“In the beginning, God created…”

This is how the probably most significant story of humanity begins. People have told this story for thousands of years, and it still is passed on from generation to generation.

It’s the story of stories.

This story tells us where we come from and what our purpose is, and it connects us humans globally, across the borders of races, nations, and generations.

It’s the story that tells us who we are.

To fully unfold its beauty and its power, you may want to hear it orally. Just knowing about it or being able to state its content does not give you the full experience. Writing it down or reading it word by word is much better, but still not quite the same as listening to it when being told orally.

To fully experience its power, you also may want to get hold of its unwritten values, beliefs, convictions, and experiences. You may want to capture its spirit.

Therefore, nothing matches up to listening to someone who tells the story orally and with conviction, who not only knows it by heart but loves it and has incorporated it into his or her own beliefs. Someone who has aligned with its spirit.

Then, the story becomes alive.

Then, this story enables us to transcend beyond our self-imposed differences, peering into a more fundamental realm of our existence, one more intrinsic to our nature than many of our rationalistic attempts to understand what human life is all about.

When we unleash the power of this story, it encourages us to strengthen bonds and build mutual trust.

And work for a shared future.