Egmont Mika

Time Savers

Time is limited. Time is precious. Time is running out.

Life is running out.

Civilisation, in turn, has blessed us with an abundance of time savers: dishwashers and washing machines, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, cars, airplanes, cellphones, computers…

Where does all the time go that we are constantly “saving”?

With calendars full to the brim, people seem to have less time than ever before. In order to meet with a friend, I may have to book an appointment several weeks ahead.

The truth is that none of us literally ”saves” any time. The amount of time we have stays always the same.

On the contrary, many of these time savers may rather shorten our lives. We may seriously damage our health by eating too much time saving, processed foods or by doing too much time saving computer work. Not to mention the stress created by a time saving life style. Some of us shorten their lives drastically by getting killed during a time saving car trip….

What all these time savers give us is not more time but more choice. More than ever before can we choose what to do with our time. Choose what is important. Do what is meaningful.

Do what is right.

Sadly enough, we often end up filling that time with even more time savers. More computer work and more car trips. Working for still more money which enables us to buy even more time savers…

What are your choices?