Egmont Mika

How You Can Learn Patience

”I want patience, and I want it right NOW!!!”

The more you yell, the more you’ll miss it.

No one is born with patience, in fact, the opposite is true. And there is no short-cut to get it. No button to push, no recipe to follow, no course to attend. It’s nothing money can buy…

Patience is learned the hard way. Over time, and through suffering.

By suffering the pain of waiting.

God doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. He is the Master of patience. He can wait. For days and weeks and months and years, and if necessary, a few thousand of them.

Patience is so much part of his character that we can’t even think of him as not being patient. Being patient with us, of course!

We like that idea, yet, it’s not the end of the story. Even in this respect, he wants us to become more like him, share his godly character, and produce some good fruit.

So, if this is his will for you and me, and if this is what we really want, why don’t we go for it?

Welcome every opportunity to train patience and get a little closer to our goal. Or even look out for these opportunities and rejoice whenever we find one.

Every day you can simply find some situation that makes you wait.

And then train yourself in the godly character of being patient. Suffer a little with that purpose in mind…

And enjoy it!